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How to Stand Out from the Translation Crowd

To be a good translator, as a bare minimum, you need to:- Master your source (foreign) language(s),- Be a great writer in your target (native) language,- Have a translation qualification or exceptional foreign language skills and industry experience,- Have in-depth knowledge of the culture of your source and target languages,- Deliver your work on time,- Have a Quality Assurance process in place,- Set rates that reflect the quality of the work you produce,- etc.However, to go from being someone who knows how to translate to being a thriving freelance translator, you should also consider the following:1.  Find your nicheAs a qualified generalist, you can almost certainly find work with big agencies, but they usually only agree to pay low-to-average rates and have you working under mediocre conditions (quick turn-around times, volume discounts, degressive pricing with CAT tools, etc.). If you really specialise in a subject area (preferably in something you are passionate about), you can…