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I recently celebrated one year as a freelance translator (hurrah!). During the first six months or so, I worked almost exclusively with agency customers (for whom I completed an application process). Recently, I have also been working with some direct customers (who I mainly found through contacts and recommendations). My work flow has gradually become very healthy (by mid-February, I already had orders taking me through to the end of March). I even find myself regularly having to turn down work with my agency customers due to a lack of availability. However, I decided that as my company is maturing, so should my online presence. There are two main reasons for this: 1. To have a more professional image, 2. To attract more customers searching for the services I provide, by being more visible on the web. With this in mind, I recently took the following steps: In addition to this blog, I already have a (very basic) website, which I plan to develop over the