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TRANSLATING MATTERS My name is Lucy O'Shea, and I have recently made the transition from in-house to freelance translation. Having completed my first month of working from home, I thought I'd share a few things I have learnt. Hopefully my experience will be of use to other people thinking of taking the leap and going freelance! Lesson No. 1:  Do your research! Start thinking of your business plan and read up on how to work as a freelance translator. There are loads of brilliant  blogs and books available!  This book by Corinne McKay is very helpful (even if it is based on the American market): Lesson No. 2:  Use "aggressive" marketing techniques. You may be the best translator around, but nobody will know that if you don't put yourself out there. It takes time to establish your client base, and not every direct customer or agency will need your services. Contact as many potential customers as you can whilst you have the time in t