Tuesday, 21 November 2017


As we approach the end of 2017, I thought I would spare some time to tell you about a new chapter in my life as a freelance translator.

I absolutely love travelling, but being self-employed, I am cautious about taking too much unpaid time off work. THEN, I came across the idea of working as a digital nomad and decided to give it a go. This idea appealed to me as it provides the opportunity to keep running a business, but from any location in the world. As most of our work is sent via email, this lifestyle is completely feasible for freelance translators. What can I say? I haven’t looked back since!

I chose to start with a stint in Barcelona for three months – and with recent current affairs, what a time to be here! Arriving in the city was half the fun! I packed my computer and some clothes into my car, then went on a road trip through France, visiting some friends on the way.

I arrived here in mid-September. The first few weeks were quite a challenge, working from my flat, looking for ways to meet people and trying to get by with my rusty Spanish in a predominantly Catalan-speaking city.

Not being one to avoid a challenge, I went looking for a yoga class, both to socialise and discover a new activity, and stumbled across a co-working space in the process. I am a strong believer that when great opportunities fall into your lap, they are meant to be. Therefore, I signed up to join the co-working space that day. It was brand new, and I was the first co-worker, so I have also had the pleasure of seeing the place grow and being a part of that growth.

For anyone who is interested, this is my co-working space: wellco. Next to the office space, which has a smashing view of Barcelona from the 6th floor of a renovated industrial building in Poblenou, is a studio that offers various classes related to well-being (including my yoga class).

The first part of this adventure is almost over, as I plan to return to the UK for some time at Christmas. However, I have fallen in love with Barcelona and have had some exciting news about the prospect of an upcoming project here in March, so I plan to return to the city as a nomad in 2018.

This journey has also enabled me to significantly improve my Spanish. It has reminded me about how much I love learning new languages and discovering new cultures and has also taught me never to become too comfortable with my established routine. For me, this change has paved the way to both personal and professional growth.

Have any other translators out there tried this kind of digital nomad lifestyle? It would be great to hear about your experiences if you have! I would love to publish a series on your experiences in different locations! Feel free to send me an email here.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and wish you all the best for the coming year!


  1. Wow! Great to read a translator who is doing the same I plan to do next January! I opened a blog about it www.puntoyoporto.com. Let's be in touch!

    1. Hey Merche, thanks for getting in touch! So exciting to find another digital nomad translator! Definitely stay in contact!